Conception to Birth


Conscious Conception

Holistic resources for fertility and conception. Please contact me to schedule a consultation

Confident, Calm & Connected Birth Education

Information, tools, & practice to prepare you for meeting your baby.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Breathe. Relax. Stretch. Strengthen. Connect with your baby. Make new friends with other mommies. Enjoy your pregnancy!


Herbal Support

Herbal & aromatherapy products created specifically to support conception, pregnancy, birth a& postpartum women

After Baby

Baby Massage Instruction

A safe and gentle technique with many benefits for both parents and babies.

Safe & Secrue Postpartum Recovery

Supporting, honoring & nurturing the new mother with physical & emotional renewal after birth.

Confident, Calm & Connected Mothering

Need more sleep? Roller-coaster emotions? Uncertain about your mothering? This 2-1/2 hour class is perfect for new moms!

For Everyone

Yoga Nidra

A safe and gentle technique with many benefits for both parents and babies.

Reiki Treatments

Enjoy a relaxing and deeply healing one hour energy treatment. Reiki energy can only be used for good and will provide comfort wherever it is needed-physically, emotionally, and/or intellectually.

Yin/Restorative Yoga

Who couldn't use of hour of just being present?

Yin Yoga connects you to your deepest self, while Restorative Yoga allows you to let go of physical & emotional tension.


Herbal Support for PCOS

Herbs have become increasingly poplular for women with PCOS, offering a multi-faceted approach. READ MORE HERE 

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