To Your Health & Healing

From HypnoFertility sessions to birth education through postpartum recovery there are classes and services to fit your needs. 

I offer energy work with Reiki and Yoga Nidra to help with stress relief and re-connection.

If you suffer from PCOS (or know someone who does) my Help & Comfort for PCOS sessions can be very beneficial. 

Peruse the information below then contact me for information and scheduling.

Here's to the beginning of an amazing journey!

Conception to Birth

Conscious Conecption

Holistic resources to enhance fertility & conception, including meditation, visualization, hypnosis, journaling, herbs and psoas balancing. Please contact me to schedule a virtual consultation. READ MORE

Confident, Calm & Connected Birth Education

Information, tools, & practice to prepare you & your birth companion for meeting your baby. 12 hours of virtual classes spaced at your convenience 

After Baby

Confident, Calm & Connected Mothering

Need more sleep? Roller-coaster emotions? Uncertain about your mothering? This 2-1/2 hour class is perfect for new moms, moms-to-be, or moms of toddlers. ZOOM ONLY

For Everyone

Yoga Nidra

Enjoy a deep, guided relaxation/meditation that can help with digestion, may improve sleep, and can be helpful for releasing anxiety and stress. Done in a comfortable lying-down or supported sitting position. CURRENTLY VIA ZOOM

Reiki Treatments

Enjoy a relaxing and deeply healing one hour energy treatment. Reiki energy can only be used for good and will provide comfort wherever it is needed-physically, emotionally, and/or intellectually. CURRENTLY DISTANCE ONLY


Help & Comfort for PCOS

Herbs have become increasingly poplular for women with PCOS, offering a multi-faceted approach.

Consultations vis Zoom Only


Herbal Support for Conception to Motherhood

Herbal & aromatherapy products created specifically to support conception, pregnancy, birth & postpartum women

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