Inviting Your Baby In

Guidance on your journey

Sometimes making a baby doesn't come easily. It takes a long time. It takes more medical professionals than you could ever imagine. it takes appointments, and injections, and calendars. What began as an act of overflowing love can become a struggle. A challenge. Instead of joy you have anxiety and worry and fear. 

I my work I employ many different tools and techniques to help you - and your partner, if needed - to reduce some of the anxiety and fear. My expertise includes psoas muscle work to rebalance the body, yoga & meditation for focus and deep relaxation, hypnosis for fear release and re-connection. I also use journaling and creative expression, as well as herbs and aromatherapy. 

My deepest intention to re-connect you to your heart, your creative center, and your truest self, while easing mind and body on your journey toward motherhood.

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation to develop a program suited to YOUR needs.

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