Confident, Calm, & Connected Birth Eduction

Focused, Prepared, Joyful Birth

Dive into a  Birth Education program that prepares you and your partner to birth in a calm, focused, courageous manner

Learn effective breathing techniques to soothe your nervous system, techniques for deep relaxation & fear release, how your body is designed to birth normally, visualization for birth, and much more .  


In this class you will discover ways to re-connect with your birthing instincts- and your birth companion-for a powerful, centered, and confident birth experience. 

Join me for a comprehensive 12-hour birthing class that covers labor & birth in detail, the fear-tension-pain cycle, labor interventions, comfort measures, several relaxation and release experiences and postpartum planning.

 All classes are presented via Zoom until further notice. Class meetings are arranged around your schedule.


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