Recovering and restoring your body, mind and spirit after the birth can be difficult and exhausting. My postpartum restoration package can help! Belly binding, psoas rejuvenation, and herbal comfort measures are included. 

Belly Binding

Binding instruction
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  • Binding can aid in a shorter physical recovery

  • 360° support assists abdominal muscle reconnection & stabilizes loose ligaments.

  • Supports the torso while internal organs return to their pre- pregnancy positions

  • Can help speed release of excess water and fat that were necessary to support pregnancy

  • Supports mama’s back to relieve postnatal pain 


Belly binding is taken from confinement (after baby's arrival) practices of many traditional, indigenous cultures, for which we are eternally grateful. It involves wrapping mom's torso from pubic bone to under the breasts with a long (9"x14 yards) piece of cotton fabric. Binding can be done as early as 3 days postpartum (6 weeks for C-section)


Your psoas is a deep, stabilizing muscle that runs from your solar plexus to your femur (thigh bone).

It is intimately connected to reproductive and emotional health. Liz Koch, author of "The Psoas Book", calls it the 'muscle of the soul'. A healthy, supple, juicy psoas helps us move confidently and gracefully through the world and our lives. Exercises  & explorations to improve psoas health and connection are gentle, easy and safe for new mamas.

My postpartum recovery package includes belly binding, psoas muscle awareness exercises and herbal support. Please contact me for more information!

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